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Scarborough Bar To Host Lap Dancing Nights Despite License Refusal

Chic Bar, formerly known as Tonics on Waterhouse Lane, are planning regular lap dancing nights at the venue, despite a recent license refusal by Scarborough Borough Council.

Lap Dancing Scarborough

Owners of Chic Bar had planned to open a lap dancing club called 'Little Black Book' on the first floor of the town center venue, but an application for a Sexual Entertainment Venue Licence (SEV) made in June was refused earlier this week.

The application was unanimously turned down by Scarborough Borough Council Licensing Authority, who cited the layout and character of the premises as being 'inappropriate for use as a SEV as set out in the application'.

A lack of central facilities for dancers was one of the main reasons for the application hitting the buffers, with dancers expected to move around the building via areas open to members of the public.

Other reasons included lack of a staff smoking area, which would have seen dancers having to stand with the public in the alleyway outside the premises to smoke, and the inappropriate location of toilets, which could have resulted in customers having to leave the premises in order to re-enter the premises on the ground floor.

Committee members also believed that the layout of the bar would result in difficulty managing numbers inside and outside the premises, as well as the risk of the public having access to dancers outside the premises.

On top of the issues raised by the committee, 99 objections were also made by members of the public. The majority of these objections however did not meet any statutory grounds for refusal under the formal licensing process and therefore had no bearing on the final decision.

Despite the SEV application failure, owners of Chic Bar remain undeterred and instead plan to forge ahead with monthly lap dancing nights anyway, thanks to an apparent loophole in licencing laws.

Bars, pubs or clubs it seems, can have strippers or lap dancers on their premises without the need for a sex entertainment licence at all. The only restrictions being that the premises can only have a maximum of 11 such events within a 12 month period, each a minimum of 30 days apart.

With this knowledge Chic Bar have publicised their first lap dancing night, set to take place on Saturday 6th September, on their Facebook page saying: "I can still put on 11 events a year without the licence they wont stop me".

As well as lap dancing, Chic Bar have also hosted several other theme nights recently including a Norther Soul night, featuring soul music from the 60's & 70's and a singles night.

Image credit: bass_nroll on Flickr

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  1. Scarborough is showing more and more it's true trashy side and moral decline...killing animals, gambling, strip bars fits all very vvell together...more reasons to avoid the place in future and look for a more classy place.


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