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"Those Who Feed Seagulls Should Be Fined" Says Councillor

In an article published on ITV's Calendar website Scarborough Councillor Andrew Jenkinson is quoted as saying that seagulls are causing havoc in the town and that  those who feed them should be fined.

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Although Cllr Jenkinson believes fines would be a good idea, he admits that enforcing such a law would be difficult.

Cllr Jenkinson said: "The problem is getting worse. People do not realise just how bad it is, they are ruining the town. But fining people would be difficult. It's driving people away and we do not want to do that. They scavenge the bins all year round."

Local traders have also expressed their concern at the birds dive bombing potential customers any some have even suggested the birds should be culled.

The local council used to control the population of roof-nesting herring gulls, but the RSPB says a cull should only be carried out "as a last resort."
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  1. Im sorry but i disagree seagulls make a seaside what it is and i love to see and hear them when i visit there only dive bombing people now because they are hungry and people were stopped from feeding them a long time ago thats why they are pinching food .

  2. Yet again the council try to cash in... Whats next locking children up for feeding the squirrels ? I thought pest control was the councils responsibility?

  3. Andrew Jenkinson must think that fining plebs is the answer to all the town's problems. What a disconnected and snobbish attitude.


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