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Gull Cull Talks Progressed

Young Seagull Scarborough

Last month we published an article highlighting the strong feelings that some people have towards the town's seagull population.

The suggestion is that the birds have become a nuisance with Councillor Andrew Jenkinson suggesting that the time has come for a cull and that those who feed seagulls should be fined.

Councillor Jenkinson believes the time has come for action saying:

"They are blighting the industry of Scarborough. People are sick and tired of them. People are frightened to sit and eat outside the cafés."

Such is the animosity towards the birds it seems that talk of a cull has now been progressed.

Director of Service Delivery Andy Skelton has now revealed that the Council’s Environment and Economy Scrutiny Committee will be asked to consider managing gull population numbers.

Speaking to the Yorkshire Post he said: "This is the very first stage of what could become a review into the management of the gull population in our borough."

"The subject is being raised with the committee in response to some concerns from local councillors, businesses and members of the public."

Video: Scarborough Councillor Andrew Jenkinson talks to IT News

Main Photo: incurable_hippie, on Flickr

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  1. People aren't frightened to sit down. They cant sit down cos the seats are covered in seagull sh*t

  2. You can't sit on the seats, too many people feeding them on the seats so you can't sit down. Tourists think it's funny to see them fight over food. Then, me and my friend walk along, I got attacked and I had blood from where I was scratched so they could have my food. Seafest last year, again I was attacked with another 7 people that I saw. Just for food. That was within 5mins. The number of them have doubled. It's getting awful!


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