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National Newspaper Declares Scarborough "The UFO Capital of Britain"

Scarborough UFO Photo

According to a report in the Sunday Express this weekend, Scarborough  has been named the UFO capital of Britain following a spate of mysterious sightings.

Sightings including reports of a flying saucer landing near the former McCain Stadium, balls of light in the sky and black flying triangles have led to the town becoming a top destination for UFO hunters.

Many of the close encounters have been captured on film, with several videos appearing on YouTube (see below), and last year one holidaymaker photographed what seems to be a UFO flying over North Bay (see photo above).

Such is the interest in the town's apparent alien attraction, that a new documentary is being made which focuses on those who engage in alien hunting in the local area.

The film will follow Russ Kellett from British UFO Hunters who believes he has been abducted numerous times. The documentary makers will be given unprecedented access to his life and work as a UFO hunter.

Mr. Kellett said: "If someone was running the UFO tourism industry right, the sky would be the limit. There is already talk of people doing UFO tours and documentary makers are queueing up to get here after seeing the video evidence we have collected.

“Scarborough is the UFO capital of Britain. We would not want to get rid of the donkeys but we need to start looking outside the box.”

Jody Doherty-Cove of LUX Films, the company behind the documentary said: "We are going to attempt to answer the question whether we are alone in this universe. All these alien reports seem to be coming from up near Scarborough so we thought it was the best place to look."

John Senior, chairman of South Bay Traders Association, welcomed the extra attention stating: “We are all for the idea of extraterrestrial tourism."

"We would welcome all life forms here in Scarborough and are very happy to accommodate UFO spotters and cater for their needs. There is no question there is other life out there.”

Scarborough vicar turned best-selling author Graham Taylor added: "Tourism bosses need to wake up and realise that Scarborough is one of the best UFO areas in the country. My uncle was a fisherman and swears they used to see things flying about over the sea."

Have you ever seen any unidentified flying objects in the skies above Scarborough? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Videos of UFO Sightings in Scarborough

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