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Scarborough 'Most Visited' Town by Aliens & Most at Risk of Alien Invasion

Just days after being named the UFO capital of Britain by a national newspaper, Scarborough has now been named in the 'Top 5 Towns Most Visited by Aliens' by UFO expert Nigel Watson.

Watson is the author of The UFO Investigations Manual and was asked by Metro Newspaper which towns in Britain had been visited most by extraterrestrials.

Watson reveals that Scarborough has a long history of unexplained occurrences and highlights one particular event from nineties saying:

"In the early 1990s there were numerous reports of mutilated dead animals, including cattle, sheep and foxes. Often their internal organs and brains were removed."

"The situation got so bad that a group of farmers armed with shotguns held a night-long vigil next to a fieldfitted with infrared cameras. Three times the cameras were triggered by motion sensors during the night, but nothing was seen or heard by the farmers."

"The next morning they found a dead lamb in the field it and it had a perfectly neat hole in its forehead through which its brain and spinal cord had been removed. The cameras recorded a small white cloud with a dark background nearby."

UFO Invasion Threat Map - Click to Enlarge.
On top of this we've also unearthed a story from 2012, which highlights Scarborough as the place most at risk of alien invasion outside London.

The study by the UFO Investigation and Research Unit suggests that there are a number of key hot-spots in the UK which could be the focus of future alien invasions.

The non-profit organisation collated the data by cross referencing UFO sightings with local military presence and Government infrastructure and used the findings to create a map of the towns and cities most at risk from alien invasion.

One of the factors considered was Scarborough proximity to RAF Fylingdales Phased Array Tracking Facility, which is the UK’s main defence against ballistic attack and is also responsible for detecting and tracking orbiting objects - including UFOs.

Main photo by Eric Leslie on Flickr

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