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Photos: Golf Ball Found INSIDE Tree at South Cliff Golf Club

Golf Ball Embedded in Tree

Greenkeepers at Scarborough's South Cliff Golf Club made an unusual discovery this week as they cut up wood between the 2nd & 13th fairways.

Whilst splitting logs from felled trees, young assistant greenkeeper Jack Sleight discovered a golf ball embedded inside a tree.

This unusual find is believed to be a result of a wayward tee shot, resulting in the ball becoming wedged in between the branches of a tree. Over the next 12-15 years, the tree then simply grew around the lost ball, encasing it within its trunk.

Golf Ball inside Tree

Talking to the Daily Mail, South Cliff Golf Club Manager Shaun Smith said:

"It's amazing. We think it's been hit and lodged in the 'V' of the tree, where the branch separates from the trunk, and the branch has just grown around it."

"I've never heard of this happening before. The chance of finding it at that exact point - where our greenkeeper cut the branch - must be a million to one really so it's quite a find."

The future of the unusual find is yet to be decided with the club considering whether to simply it on display or perhaps even use it as a trophy.

If anyone recognises the ball and would like it returning, you can make your case over on the South Cliff Golf Club page where an image of the lost ball has been posted.

Photography © Dobson Agency

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