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Remember Scarborough: Centenary of WWI Attack

grand hotel 1914

Exactly 100 years ago today, at 08:00, a fleet of German battlecruisers opened fire on Scarborough.

After 30 minutes and over 750 shells the guns fell silent, leaving a scene of total devastation.

That day 18 people died in Scarborough as a result of the attack by the Imperial German Navy and around more 200 were left injured.

Scarborough Lighthouse 1914
The bombardment was was the first attack on British soil since the start of the First World War and was attempt to draw out small sections of the British fleet in a bid to trap and destroy them.

Many properties were destroyed or damaged including the Castle, the Grand Hotel, the Royal Hotel, Lighthouse and several churches.

The Falsgrave Road and Gladstone Road area is thought to have suffered the most during the attack with almost half of the fatalities recorded in this area.

Approximately one hour later, on their way to rendezvous with the rest of their battle group who had attacked Hartlepool, the same German battlecruisers opened fire on Whitby. A further seven people were killed.

Remember Scarborough
Such was the public outrage caused by the bombardment of Scarborough the Government decided to use event as part of a British propaganda with the words 'Remember Scarborough' used on several army recruitment campaigns.

Today the hundredth anniversary of the attack will be remembered by a number of special one-off events.

A civic ceremony will take place in the Town Hall gardens at 07.55 and a maroon will be fired from Scarborough Castle after the name of each of the victims is read out.

Scarborough Castle will also be lit up during the ceremony and a flotilla of boats will be stationed outside the harbour.

Another service will be held at St Mary’s Church at 11am, where wreaths will be laid by two special guests from Germany.

At 13.30 the Friends of Dean Road and Manor Road Cemetery and guests, including 18 schoolchildren, will lay a wreath on a newly constructed commemorative cairn at the cemetery where 17 of the victims of the Bombardment are buried, many in unmarked graves.

Scarborough Castle is offering free admission throughout the day where there will be an opportunity to explore the castle’s connections with the Bombardment. From 15.30 the keep will be illuminated with a large poppy and at 17.00 a beacon of light will be lit.

The victims of the bombardment of Scarborough, 16 December 1914

  • Leonard Ellis, porter, (age 47) Londesborough Road
  • Harry Frith, delivery driver, (age 45),1 Bedford Street
  • Alfred Beal, postman, (age 41) 50 Raleigh Street
  • Margaret Briggs, maid, (age 29) Filey Road
  • John Shields Ryalls (age 14 Months) 22 Westbourne Park
  • Miss Bertha McIntyre, insurance agent, (age 42) 22 Westbourne Park
  • Mrs Johanna Bennett, housewife, (age 58) 22 Westbourne Park
  • Albert Bennett, driver with army, (age 22) 2 Wykeham Street
  • John Christopher H Ward (age 9) 2 Wykeham Street
  • George James Barnes (age 9) 2 Wykeham Street
  • John Hall, architect, (age 65) 28 Westbourne Park
  • Mrs Emily Lois Merryweather (age 30) 43 Prospect Road
  • George Harland Taylor, boy scout, (age 15) 45 North Street
  • Mrs Mary Prew, widow, (age 60) 17a Belle Vue Street
  • Mrs Ada Crow, maid, (age 28) 124 Falsgrave Road
  • Miss Edith Crosby, maid, (age 39) 1 Belvedere Road
  • Mrs Alice Duffield, housewife, (age 38) Esplanade
  • Mr Harry Harland, shoemaker - died a few days later in hospital

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