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Scarborough Miners Home Cursed by Egyptian Princess

Egyptian princess

Low Hall, a Miners' Home in the village of Scalby, has been subject of a mummy's curse for over 100 years it has been revealed.

According to an article published by the Express, an Egyptian princess is buried somewhere in the grounds of the hall and, unless the body is removed, the mummy’s curse will continue to hang over the home for evermore.

Former manager of Low Hall Peter Aldridge, 79, says he is the only one who knows where to find the body but fears he will now take the secret of how to find her to his grave.

Low Hall is the former home of the Rowntree Chocolate family. The mummy was brought to Scarborough in 1904 by adventurer John Wilhelm Rowntree, eldest son of Joseph Rowntree, and was put on display in a glass display case in the oak panelled library.

Within just a year of returning home with the mummy, John became seriously ill and died aged just 36 years old and bad luck continued to affect the family for many years.

The mummy was later moved to a pavilion, before being buried in the grounds of the hall in an attempt to break the curse. Those who've lived in the hall since however claim to have been continuously haunted by ghostly footsteps and a sinister presence in the library.

In 1925 Low Hall was sold to the South Yorkshire Coal Welfare Trust and before becoming a convalescent home for pitmen and their families.

Speaking to the Express Mr Aldridge he took over the home in the early 1990s said the atmosphere was "anything but restful", adding:

"I never believed in ghosts until I worked at Low Hall. Now I sometimes think this thing will never leave me alone until it finds peace"

"It was worse in winter when it was closed and I was the only one there. I used to walk from room to room with my dog Rocky every night but he refused to go in the library where the mummy had stood. He would just run off the other way."

Other reports of strange happenings include members of staff refusing to clean bedrooms after hearing footsteps when no one was there, doors opening and closing on their own and residents feeling hands on their shoulders in the library.

Mr Aldridge said:

"At first they thought it was me but when they turned around there was no one there. Big lads they were, but they were shaking like a leaf."

Whilst working at the home Mr Aldridge discovered a copy of Jean Rowntree's memoirs of life at Low Hall in the library including details of the mummy.

He traced the author to her home in Kent. Then aged 93, she returned to Low Hall to show him where the mummy was buried, but to date she remains where she is as removal could mean digging up the hall's golf course and bowling green.

Jean Rowntree's memoirs have since mysteriously disappeared, but it is said that strange blue, jewel shaped lights are still seen in the sky at dusk, hovering over the princess’s final resting place.

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