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Scarborough's South Bay Misses Out on Blue Flag Due to Seagull Poo!

Scarborough Seagull

Officials from the Environment Agency say Seagulls could be to blame for a drop in water cleanliness at Scarborough's South Bay.

Whilst the North Bay managed to hold on to its blue flag back in May, despite the introduction of higher standards, South Bay missed out.

It was hoped that South Bay would achieve Blue Flag status following the completion of a £50m project to improve waste water pumping, storage and treatment facilities by Yorkshire Water. Unfortunately this was not the case.

The new treatment works are not to blame however. Instead, say The Environment Agency, Scarborough's large Seagull population may be responsible.

It seems that the cleanliness of the water in South Bay is actually being affected by bacteria-laden guano from the large number of seabirds in the town.

This latest revelation would seem to add weight to the argument that the birds have now become a nuisance in the town with some suggesting that the time has come for a cull.

An investigation in to whether seagulls are actually the guilty party is currently underway.

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