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Council To Ask Public Opinion on Tackling Increasing Seagull Population

Scarborough Seagull

A 'Seagull Task Force' has been set up on the Yorkshire Coast to look into the problems being caused by the birds' increasing population.

Many believe that Seagulls have as much right to be here as us, with others saying that they have become a real nuisance, bringing harm to our communities.

In recent months the Environment Agency even blamed the birds for a drop in water cleanliness at Scarborough's South Bay.

Such was the animosity towards the birds, that some have even called for a cull to control numbers. The birds are protected however and such drastic measures can only be used when there is a proven risk to health & safety.

Peter Croft, owner of Sandpiper House Bed & Breakfast in Whitby, is part of the new task force and feels the public need to be educated and encouraged not to feed the birds, saying:

"People need to understand what is actually happening when they do feed them. We also need look at removing the source of food. Get rid of the source of food and all of a sudden, dare I say, they've got to go and do what a bird would normally do, and that's fish at sea."

The Royal Society For The Protection of Birds supports Mr. Croft's suggestion. They agree that the best way to control seagull numbers is to reduce the availability of food.

Councillor Godfrey Allanson who is chairing the new task force said:

"We are having this day at Whitby next week where the public can come along and tell us their problems and suggestions. And then we are having a proper public enquiry day at the Town Hall in Scarborough."

The public consultation process will start next week, after which it is hoped there will be some concrete proposals on how both residents and visitors can learn to live in harmony with the gulls.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. How do you think this issue should be addressed?

Photo © 2015 Oatsy40 / Flickr

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  1. Yes the seagull issues should be addressed ..they are vermin .there is dropping everywhere .they aim there droppings at people I'm sure ....and the attack people


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