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The Centenary of The Battle of Dogger Bank

SMS Blücher

100 Years ago, on the 24th January 1915, British warships sank a German cruiser of the Yorkshire Coast.

Thanks to decoded radio intercepts the British had advance knowledge of a German raiding squadron heading for Dogger Bank and sent the Royal Navy to intercept it.

The commander of the German squadron was Admiral Franz von Hipper's, who's name that will be familiar to those who know their local history. For it was Admiral Hipper who was the commander of the German squadron that infamously attacked Scarborough 16 December 1914.

Surprised by the Royal Navy, Admiral Hipper fled for home. British commander Admiral Sir David Beatty gave chase. The pursuit lasted for several hours with the British engaging the German squadron with long-range gunfire sinking the rear ship SMS Blücher.

The British didn't come away unscathed however. Their flagship battlecruiser, HMS Lion was badly damaged in the exchanges of fire and had to be towed back to port for repairs.

The Battle of Dogger Bank was considered a British victory, but one that left a sour taste. Admiral Beatty lost 15 crew that day and saw one of the Navy's best cruisers out of action for several months. The Germans lost a ship and most of its crew.

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