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Devolution for Yorkshire

Devolution for Yorkshire

Scarborough Borough Council Deputy Leader Cllr Derek Bastiman travelled to Westminster this week to take part in the launch of the cross party manifesto for devolution in the Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire region.

The Manifesto has been drafted with the cross party, cross regional consensus of the Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire All Party Parliamentary Group (Y&NLAPPG).

View the APPG Manifesto here

Originally instigated by Scarborough Borough Council to address issues of economic development in the Yorkshire region, the APPG is now in its third year of operation and remains the strongest regional APPG on the Westminster circuit. It is established as the cross party platform for debating all social, economic and political issues within Westminster.

The Y&NLAPPG Manifesto entitled "Devolution for Prosperity" seeks to make the case to secure devolved powers from central government back into our region to enable local authorities, business and communities to make the important decisions on what happens in Yorkshire and deliver better value for money on the ground.

Local authorities, business leaders, Ministers and MP’s from all parties backed the manifesto and undertook to progress the devolution agenda following the general election.

Cllr Bastiman said:

"The UK is the most centrally controlled country in the western world. Fiscal, social and political policy and decision making is all done from Westminster, often with very little understanding of what is actually happening in our region and without best regard to value for money."

"As one of the original instigators of the APPG, I fully support the idea of devolution as I believe that Yorkshire has the “where with all” to deliver more for less and to provide a service that gives better value for money. We are an ambitious and inspirational region and it’s time for change."

Image shows (from left): Cllr Derek Bastiman, Barry Sheerman MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. Kris Hopkins MP,  Andrew Percy MP.

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  1. Come off it, Goodwill got butchered over this in a debate held at Scarborough library only the other week by thevgiy from Yorkshire First

  2. Appropriate powers should be devolved to the appropriate level to allow local decisions to be made without having to seek approval from a higher level. This is devolution IN Yorkshire,. However, in order to achieve democratic equality within the UK, we must have devolution TO Yorkshire on par with that to Scotland! Not only does Scotland enjoy more powers devolved from Westminster than does any other part of the UK but whereas Scots have a parliament to represents Scotland and Scotland's economy, environment, people, heritage and identity. Yorkshire has no similar institution to represents Yorkshire and Yorkshire's economy, environment, people, heritage and identity. Further, whereas decisions for Scotland are made in a transparent and accountable manner by a body directly elected by the people of Scotland, decisions for Yorkshire are either made in Westminster or are made behind closed doors by a body that was not directly elected by the people of Yorkshire! In brief,the only way for us, the people of Yorkshire, to achieve democratic equality in the UK, is to have a directly elected devolved Yorkshire Parliament with similar powers to those of the Scottish Parliament. If we do nothing, we will continue to suffer a democratic deficit behind, first, London, then Wales and Northern Ireland and most of all, Scotland! WHY SHOULD WE?

    Yorkshire Devolution Movement


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