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Local Community Group Labels Bid to Refurbish & Reopen Futurist as 'Pointless'

A local online community group called STAG (Scarborough Town Action Group) have labeled a last minute bid to refurbish & reopen The Futurist Theatre as 'pointless'.

Last week Leeds based businessman Jamie Hudson submitted a detailed plan to Scarborough Borough Council proposing a new business model which he claims demonstrates how the theatre can be re-opened and run without financial subsidies.

Speaking of the new proposal, STAG spokesperson Patricia David posted on Facebook:

"This week has seen a time-consuming, pointless diversion in the form of a company who had, unknown to us, decided to put in a bid to take over the Futurist and raised a lot of hopes totally unnecessarily."

"He [Jamie Hudson] did not know anything about us and what we are doing and not unreasonably thought he was on a mission to save the building. However he was informed on Sunday last, when he contacted the Save the Futurist Campaign, official Facebook site that there was no point in putting in the bid, because legally the Council cannot accept it, or enter into any discussions, because they are now in discussions with a preferred bidder and in any event the closing date for bids was last August 15th."

"He put it in anyway and sent out a Press Release to this effect. He caused us and themselves no end of trouble, when, of course, it appeared in the public domain."

After several people questioned the statements posted on Facebook Patricia David replied:

"Problems are arising as a result of two groups actively working towards the same goal without actually knowing it was happening, so there was no common ground of understanding between us."

"Our own group has been working on a not dissimilar but much larger development Plan for several years and have got a fully fledged Business Plan which some Councillors already know about. This has not yet been seen by the Council per se, for the same reason as Jamie Hudson's cannot."

"Jamie Hudson knew nothing about us, or what we have achieved and the amount of time and personal money we have invested over many years to get us to this situation. It is very early days and we are looking for a Theatre Operator to work with our projected Business and time will tell how this pans out with Hudson's Company or any other for that matter."

"We both had a Plan and objectives and a modus operandi with which we are proceeding and it has been important to bridge that gap and/or create a common ground."

"My comment was one based on the problems this was creating and how much time and emotional energy we are all having to apply in trying to sort it, and create an operational platform on which we could move forward in whatever best way becomes appropriate when we have not yet even met! In no way was it intended as a criticism of the Futurist Light and Sound Co."

Main image: Some rights reserved by Neil T
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