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TV's Psychic Sally Comes To Scarborough Spa

Sally Morgan

Television artist and author Sally Morgan returns to Scarborough Spa later this month with her live stage show 'Psychic Sally: On The Road'.

Sally is said to be an ordinary woman with an extraordinary gift and believes that she is able to communicate with people from beyond the grave.

Throughout her career Sally has built up an extensive client list including politicians and high profile celebrities and is now referred to as Britain’s best-loved psychic.

Speaking about her tour, Sally Morgan said:

"I have been touring all over the UK for over six years now. I absolutely love life on the road as it has really enabled me to explore my ability in a new way."

"My live shows are completely unpredictable and with so many spirits waiting in the wings so to speak, you just never know what is going to happen! I get a real buzz from being on stage, the atmosphere can be electric and the way the messages move around the audience is fascinating."

"Obviously at times it can be difficult as with so many messages it is like having 10 radios playing and trying to tune into one of them. It is also hard when a spirit comes through and no one in the audience claims the message."

"I get countless people contact me either at my signing or through my website saying that a message was for them but they were too scared to stand up and take it. This is such a shame as this opportunity is lost. It would be impossible for me to give an individual message to everyone who comes to see me at my signing, could you imagine, the theatre would lock up and leave us all there!"

"Overall the tour is about sharing the thought of an afterlife and showcasing how these moments of connection can be utterly astounding. My hope is that people can take comfort from just witnessing this if they do not get a message themselves."

Psychic Sally: On The Road is at Scarborough Spa on Wednesday 25 February. Tickets for the show are prices at £23 and can be purchased from The Spa Box Office on (01723) 821888 of by visiting the Scarborough Spa Website.

To find out more about Sally Morgan visit
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