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10 Things I Love To Do in Scarborough

2p Pusher

Here are some of my favourite things to do in Scarborough, in no particular order.  I hope some of them are your favourites too, but do please leave a comment below if you have a favourite which isn't mentioned, I'd love to know what you like too!

1. Stephen Joseph Theatre

The SJT is one of the main reasons we come to Scarborough so often during the year for our weekends away. We're big live theatre fans anyway, but the experience at the SJT is unique. With its theatre in the round, premieres of new Ayckbourn plays and beautiful art deco interior, it's a must-see and is always on my list of things to do in Scarborough. There's another reason I'm so fond of the place too, it's where I was married in 2011.

2. Funiculars

I'm a railway geek and I admit it.  I wear my heart-shaped funicular badge on my sleeve. I absolutely love the cliff lifts that go up and down from seaside to cliff top in Scarborough.  The sense of history and heritage seeps into each ride up and down the cliffs. Do it!

3. Food and drink

Whatever you enjoy eating and drinking on holiday, you'll find your place in Scarborough. From some of the best fish and chips through to pizza and pasta and up to a la carte dining in places that are mentioned in the broadsheet press, there's something for everyone. My personal favourites, if I may, include the award winning Eat Me Café near to the train station for its friendliness and style; the North Riding pub for its beer brewed on the premises; Old Mother Hubbard's for the best fish and chips I've ever had in my life; the Harbour Bar for retro ice-cream treats on the sea front; the Old Scalby Mills pub for a great pub lunch; and La Roca tapas bar for some tip-top Spanish style tapas, very friendly service with a great little patio at the back to eat out and enjoy the sea view.

4. Naval warfare

I've been coming to Scarborough on holiday since before I can remember and in all that time, the Naval Warfare in Peasholm Park hasn't changed a bit.  It might be cheesy, a bit lame, the planes might get stuck on the wires and the ducks on the lake might get in the way of the battle boats - but if it ain't broke, don't fix it! It's good old-fashioned family entertainment and should not be missed. Seriously, it's ace.

5. Peasholm Park and Peasholm Glen

Whether you visit the park during the day or at dusk, there's magic in the air, or at least there always is for me. I love it especially at dusk just after the lights have come on around the lake and you can wander around feeling like you're in a Disney movie. It's very special - and just thinking about it all sends a tingle down my spine.

6. Open Air Theatre

I remember visiting the Open Air Theatre as a child, watching It's a Knockout with my family on our nights out on holiday to Scarborough. And then for decades I saw the decay and decline of the theatre until the bulldozers moved in and knocked it all down.  And now it's rebuilt, it's fantastic. I've been to see Status Quo play live there and this summer will return to see James.  To see one of my favourite bands in my favourite venue in my favourite holiday destination is something I'm looking forward to a lot. Can you tell I'm excited?

7. 2p Slots

We save our 2p pieces at home and then head to Scarborough slots on the sea front with a bag full to play on the slots.  It all gets spent, we rarely come out of the slots with more money than we go in, but we have fun spending it all.  A few years ago my husband won the big bonanza prize on one of the 2p slots. Lights sparkled, noise boomed and music played around the arcade. He'd hit the big time – and won £5 – all in 2p coins!  We exchanged it in the arcade booth and headed out for coffee and cakes with our winnings.

8. Open top bus

Yes, I know you can walk along Marine Drive if you want to, and I have done, many times.  But there's nothing that screams HOLIDAY as much as sitting on the top of the open deck bus, riding along the seafront at Scarborough.  I love it.

9. Crazy golf

I'm a big crazy golf fan. Scarborough has a lot of crazy golf courses and you can read my review of playing them all at my Flaming Nora Blog at

10. North Bay Railway

I love this little train so much that when I die I want my ashes scattered from it. No really, I do. I've already told my family that's where I want my final farewell.  What a little gem it is.

Now then, I know I only said there were going to be 10 things on this list but I couldn't leave out these next three.

11. Scarborough Castle

Scarborough Castle is a 'must visit'. It's incredible. It's old ruins for people who think they don't like old ruins. It is dead interesting and there are tremendous views from up there.

12. Historic Water Chute

Whatever you do, don't miss the Historic Water Chute (or the skip on a rope, as we call it in our family) beside the Open Air Theatre. You'll scream! You’ll get wet!  And then you can calm down with a drink at...

13. The Boatman's Tavern.

Scarborough's smallest pub and one of its best.

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