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Happy First Birthday To Pebbles, The Adorable Penguin With The Elastic Pants

Pebbles the Penguin

The plight of a penguin chick with badly splayed legs captured hearts all over the UK when it emerged her condition was being remedied with the aid of special elastic pants.

Her special pants soon had Pebbles the Humboldt chick on her feet again and yesterday staff wished her a happy first birthday with the help of an iced fish cake.

Displays supervisor Lyndsey Crawford said:

"Pebbles's mum and dad were a bit over zealous with their brooding and by the time we were able to disturb the nest without upsetting them her legs were growing out sideways instead of straight. It’s a common problem with many bird species, but unless treated quickly it can result in a permanent disability."

Lyndsey and her colleagues used coloured elasticated bandage to make Pebbles tight-fitting trousers which gradually corrected her gait.

Lyndsey added:

"It’s brilliant to see her getting about just as well as all the other penguins one year on. She’s not exactly graceful, but at least now she’s only as clumsy and ungainly as all penguins are on dry land. I don’t think she had a clue why she was getting a special treat today, but she looked very happy about it all the same and of course, she shared with all her feathered friends."

Pebbles is a VIP member of a 20-strong flock of Humboldts residing in a newly redeveloped enclosure christened Penguin Island, which includes a unique walkthrough path for visitors, as well as a large dive pool and underwater viewing area.

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