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Scarborough Council’s Labour Group Challenge North Street Cinema Refusal

North Street Cinema

Scarborough Council’s Labour Group believe that the use of innovative design would enable the development of a North Street Cinema whilst still allowing the Council to keep their Car Park on the same site.

Plans for a five-screen cinema in Scarborough town centre suffered a blow last month after the council rejected the release of land for development. However Scarborough Labour Leader Steve Siddons is hoping to bring together Opposition Groups to challenge the decision.

Councillor Siddons poured scorn on the 'Best Value' grounds Members of the Cabinet gave for stopping progress on a North Street cinema. (The Council minutes note 'Members of the Cabinet felt that the option to release the site given the constraints and factors outlined above, did not provide sufficient certainty that best value for the Council could be achieved.')

 Councillor Siddons said:
 "This is a backward decision, lacks innovative thinking and could be financially flawed."
He also offered the Cabinet a solution that guaranteed 'best value' by keeping the car park and its revenue and raising capital by selling the space for the development above ground floor level adding:
"Pioneering councils and developers across the country have already solved the problem of building a Town Centre cinema and keeping parking spaces. Apart for the entrance, everything is built one floor up, with a car park at ground level. Indeed, that formed part of the proposal for the North Bay application, so is clearly viable."
"Let's test the market and be more innovative by retaining the North Street car park and its valuable revenue, whilst taking a capital receipt from a cinema developer." 
"We gave permission for a Cinema on North Street 7 years ago but it is worth noting the recent history." 
"A month ago, the planning committee refused an application for a Multi-Screen Cinema in the North Bay. This was because it was in the wrong place, it should be in the town centre. It would make the town centre a family friendly place rather than one appealing largely to drinkers." 
"It would also improve the night-time economy and help to regenerate the town centre. The place for the cinema is North Street But within a month of that planning committee decision, Cabinet has decided North Street is not for sale. They argue, wrongly, that the Council are better off keeping it just as a car park" 
"One wonders what will happen now – will we see a new application for a cinema in the North Bay? It’s about time this Council stopped allowing developers to dictate what happens in our Borough. It’s time they put residents’ needs first, not developers profits."

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  1. Stop developers profits? Stop Councillors backhanders more like.......


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