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Beach Bonfires Warning: Council To Enforce Byelaw Banning Fires On Scarborough Beaches

Bonfire on Beach by babyboote88

Council officials, police and the local fire and rescue service are becoming increasingly concerned for people's safety with a rise in the number of bonfires being lit on Scarborough's beaches.

Under a 2005 council byelaw, fires are not allowed unless Scarborough Borough Council has given its consent.

The council says it is looking to enforce the byelaw more robustly, as a number of issues are emerging which pose a risk to public safety and are deterring other people from using the town's beaches and nearby facilities, particularly on an evening.

They include:

  • Anti-social and rowdy behaviour that is upsetting to other beach and chalet users
  • Fires that are not being extinguished properly or turned into an invisible danger when they’re buried under the sand, still burning
  • Associated debris, such as nails from wood and broken beverage bottles, which can then become a hidden hazard in the sand

Sandra Rees, the council's Community Safety and Safeguarding Manager, said:
"We are not here to be killjoys or spoil people's enjoyment, but when some individuals are ruining the beach experience for other people through anti-social behaviour and creating risk to public safety because of their recklessness, we have a duty of care to act." 
"Some people might not like it, but the byelaw is there for a reason, to help ensure all beach users have a fun, enjoyable and safe experience."
Andy Blades, Scarborough Station Manager for North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue, added:
"We've had a number of calls to the North Bay beach in recent weeks. We're particularly concerned about fires that have been left unattended and those that are still smouldering, hidden under a layer of sand." 
"Even the dying embers of a fire can be very hot with the potential to cause injury or ignite fires in surrounding property."
Sgt Chris Smalley, North Yorkshire Police said:
"Thoughtless and irresponsible behaviour from a minority of individuals is spoiling the beach experience for others, particularly on a night time." 
"We will be working with our colleagues in the council and fire service to tackle this problem and take any appropriate action."
Main photo: Some rights reserved by babyboote88

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1 comment:

  1. Why not provide purpose made fire pit areas? There's something quite nice about sitting around a fire on a beach on the few summer evenings we get. Hardly anti social.


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