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Local Gift Shop Owner Hits Back At Smutty Sweets Complaints


Last week we reported on how Scarborough is one of several resorts under fire over the sale of smutty sweets on shelves alongside regular confectionery.

In Blackpool Trading Standards Officers have started cracking down on the displays, whilst calls for the rude rock to be banished to the top shelf have also been made in Scarborough.

In response Seán Kelly, owner of local gift shop 'Scarbados' who stock the controversial candy, said:
"Customers find the Wobbly Willies & Titties quite amusing. Contrary to the article they are purchased as gifts for friends, work colleagues and family. I have to say that the customers purchasing them are laughing and joking , having a great time by the seaside. At Scarbados we do not sell replica guns, BB guns or knives. In my shop I would never knowingly or willingly upset a customer and I have never received any negative feedback about these items."

Chamber of Trade chairwoman Janet Jefferson said:
"I accept there is a demand for joke items but if things like this are causing offence maybe shopkeepers should think about displaying them somewhere more discreet."

Readers of Scarborough UK had their say on the matter on Facebook, with many supporting the shop's right to sell the saucy sweets.

Amy Appleby said:
"These have been on sale as long as I can remember. Why is it a problem now?"

Sharon Sheader agreed saying:
"They have sold stuff like this in the shops for years. Why all the fuss now? Put it on a higher shelf if needs be. What about the kiss me quick hats, will they be next to go?"

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  1. Political Correctness raises its unnecessary head again 😳


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