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Futurist Theatre Set to be Demolished After Third Appeal is Rejected

Futurist Theatre Scarborough

Entertainment and performing arts website The Stage have reported that Scarborough’s Futurist Theatre looks set to be demolished after a third appeal to get the venue listed was rejected.

Last year, a study called into question the viability of demolishing the council-owned theatre, as parts of the building helped support the cliff behind it.

Despite this, a third appeal by campaign group Save the Futurist to make the theatre a grade II-listed building has been rejected by Historic England.

Historic England said it was not listing the venue because it “does not demonstrate the level of architectural ambition which was being applied to other cinemas in the 1920s”.

The theatre’s former operator Barrie Stead told The Stage:

“It’s now run out of time, it’s run out of appeals for listing and that’s basically, as I see it, the end of 90 years of entertainment. And it’s a shame because it’s quite unique to have a 2,000-seat theatre, it was the biggest theatre in the North Yorkshire region.”

Scarborough Borough Council boarded up the theatre in 2014 because it could not find a new operator.

Later in the year Flamingo Land were revealed as mystery bidder interested in redeveloping the site , with plans to demolish the theatre and build a new complex, including a glass-roofed botanical garden and rollercoaster.

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  1. So SBC has thrown away yet another historic landmark that made Scarborough unique on the East Coast. The fourth largest theatre in Britain, it would have paid for itself in a few years with big name comedians and lavish productions that won't bother with the Spa because their seating capacity isn't large enough to warrant the production costs. Wouldn't it be ironic if, when they do demolish it, the Scarborough Council offices and Town Hall slide into the sea the same way the Holbeck Hotel did, all those years ago...

  2. Oh dear. Historic England have let us down again, along with the damn council. They WANT the clown hall to slide into the sea so they can move to the old Scarboro / Skipton B.S. building. IDIOTS

  3. Shocking - many happy memories from events at that place. Have the council no interest in retaining anything that made Scarborough such an attractive location to visit.

  4. Have not a clue why something decent could not be created, why transformation could not have taken place. The scope of this Theatre was huge, the creative possibilities were endless. The future of the Theatre should have been given to the 'people'. Why couldn't people with special needs have their OWN day's of Theatre making and performing? Why couldn't the elderly tell their 'life stories' to the future. Why couldn't the people who need rehabilitation, have their opportunities, why couldn't the people with mental health problems find peace in the transformative art's. Why couldn't theatre students have their training in this unique theatre?

    Endless future possibilities taken from the people of this town
    Only people with no vision would replace this theatre with a roller coaster ride and a plant.



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