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PHOTOS: More Images of Rare Nacreous 'Rainbow Clouds' Over Scarborough

Nacreous Clouds Over Scarborough © 2016 Derek Mason

Since reporting on a recent weather phenomenon which lit up the sky over Scarborough, we've been inundated by readers photos of these rare 'rainbow clouds'.

The main image above was captured by Derek Mason at on 2 February at 7.20am on his way to work. The image below shows Elizabeth Wilson-Stephens' photo taken at 8am 2 February on South Bay (top), another from two from Derek Mason (bottom).

Know as Nacreous or Polar Stratospheric Clouds, these pretty clouds are normally only seen at high latitudes and extremely cold temperatures and are a little more sinister than their delicate appearance suggests. They reveal extreme conditions in the atmosphere and have been implicated in the destruction of the ozone layer.

It's believed that the clouds form surfaces where chemical reactions can take place that produce ozone-destroying molecules, and as such contribute to the formation of polar ozone holes.

The image below shows 'rainbow clouds' over Crossgates taken at 7.20am on 2 February by Vicki Honeysett (top left), a photo taken by Robyn Scott whilst out dog walking (top right) and a stunning shot captured by 17 year old media student Curtis Padley.

Nacreous clouds Scarborough

Nacreous clouds aren't the biggest threat to the ozone layer however. That would be us. Specifically the use of manmade chemicals like CFCs, HCFS, freon, and halons.

Thankfully the use of these chemicals has been dramatically reduced  over the past few decades, thanks to international agreement. As a result, risk to the ozone layer has decreased. In fact it's believed that the ozone hole is actually on the mend.

As well as emailing us their photos, Scarborough UK readers have also been sharing their photos of these unusual clouds on social media too. Here's just a selection.

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