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Scarborough Teen's Response to Proposed Benefits Cuts Goes Viral

Lydia Scott

An Eighteen-year-old Scarborough girl's open letter to David Cameron, condemning the cuts to disability benefits, has gone viral.

Lydia Scott, who has multiple disabilities which cause her constant pain, composed her passionate response earlier this month.

The letter was then shared on Twitter by her father, TV & Radio Host, Greg Scott and has since received over nine thousand retweets and over 3 thousand likes.

Responding to Chancellor George Osborne plans to raise £1.2 billion for the Treasury through heavy cuts to disability benefits, Lydia said:
"The Government however says the cut will incentive disabled people to find work. DOES ANYONE UNDERSTAND HOW ABSOLUTELY FUMING THIS MAKES ME?

I will be the first to admit I receive ESA. This is because I am disabled. This is because my disability means I am unable to work. I am unable to work because my conditions mean I am unable to stand for long periods of time, but also mean I am unable to sit for long periods of time.

I cannot walk for long periods of time, but at the same time I cannot stand in one place for long periods of time. Every single joint and muscle in my body is affected through my conditions.

On a good day, I can walk around town for a bit. Maybe go on a VERY rare night out. But I will then pay for doing these things by being housebound for the next week, being left in pure agony, wishing I'd never bothered trying to be a normal teenager.

On a bad day, the thought of moving my eyes from left to right makes me want to throw up (throwing up meaning I have to use muscles, muscles which are in intense pain as it is). Yet I'm being told by this government that if they make cuts to my ESA claim, it may give me some incentive to work.


I am one of the most ambitious people you will ever meet. I am desperately trying to think of ways I can make money independently. But instead I'm being called lazy for having a body that just plain doesn't work. Once the Tories have privatised the NHS, my life will basically be over.

Well done, Cameron."

Since her post caught people's attention on Twitter, Lydia has also been interviewed by local radio, BBC Radio 5 and national press.

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  1. Very rare night out my arse you are out every other weekend at least.

  2. Well, well, well, "Anonymous" (As you would be writing such a comment)...
    I know EXACTLY how many times she goes out as I take her to town and pick her up.
    I know how much extra medication (at the risk of overdosing) she has to take before she has a rare night out.
    I know that she only manages no more than a couple of hours when she DOES leave the house.
    I know the huge (additional) pain she's in for days on end when she does venture from the house.
    And with her being six foot tall and looking like she does, it makes her more noticeable than most others.
    Rare night out? ABSOLUTELY.
    And I know all this (and more) because I am her FATHER.
    I don't see why I should HAVE to defend her, but you backed me into a corner.
    And if you, or anyone, has anything else dumb to say, come and say it to my face.
    Have a nice PAIN FREE day, "Anonymous".

  3. I think you'll find that I am also taller than 6ft and I also have these disabilities. Not only that but most of your family is guilty of the same shit.

  4. And I think you'll Find its anonymous because I'm not wasting time making an account to comment

  5. Is "moron" listed in your disabilities? I'm not going to waste my time with you any more. I really hope then if / when you're as bad as Lydia (Which you're clearly not), that you'll come across such bigoted stupidity that you thoughtlessly impose on others.

  6. No but it clearly is in yours and I think you'll find that I'm in plenty of pain. The only difference is that I don't need to tell everyone about it and i just deal with it and get on with my life instead of craving everyone's attention.

  7. Bye bye and I see that you don't argue the fact I said most of your family is guilty of the same shit

  8. Because it doesn't MERIT a reply. Nor do any more of your pathetic attempts to get a rise out of me.

  9. Yet you've just replied and there's the fact you know everything I've said is true

  10. Mr GS, as a person with disability, who also loved to go out see my friends but also felt the days after of pain in my legs. I feel for your daughter and I think she has done a great job in highlighting the issues our elected government has caused. To Mr/s Anonymous I say to them, you get on doing what you are doing.... If that works for you. But don't condemn someone else standing up in what they believe in. You should be backing them to the hilt, not trying to ridicule them. Even if she does go out aren't people with a disability entitled to enjoy themselves. We are only on this world once, so enjoy it with whatever ability you have.

  11. i can also reply as being "Anonymous". So someone writes a letter defending the right to ESA to people like yourself and your slagging her off? Go back under the bridge you little troll. The other type of "anonymous" aka NB

  12. I actually do agree with what she's saying its the fact that she's over exaggerating her own condition that annoys me

  13. If you read further up you will see why I'm anonymous

  14. So much for not getting a rise out of you and what legal acton can you take I'm entitled to my opinion and giving facts when I'm presented with them.

  15. I promised myself I wouldn't respond again... But what you've just written has REALLY hacked me off.
    "Over-exaggerating her condition"?!
    You clearly have no idea of what her NUMEROUS conditions (that's plural) ARE.
    You clearly have no idea how many times she has been hospitalised in the last three years in particular.
    You have no idea how much distress seeing her in agonising pain day after day causes her family.
    You think that because you believe (clearly wrongly) that you have exactly the same as her that her pain levels should be the same as yours? I DO wish that yours were the same as hers right now. You would soon cease with your aggressive, accusative, nasty, vindictive posts.
    And as for other members of my family - Would you like THEM to shout from the rooftops about how ill they actually are? Or would you accuse THEM of attention seeking?
    If you know me (As you claim to know my family), let's continue this conversation the next time you see me in the street. Come up to me, introduce yourself, look me in the eyes and say the things you have.
    You know what - You wouldn't dare. Because you're one of those beloved "Keyboard Warriors".
    No go away and do something more productive with your day.
    That IS my final response.

  16. Ok when I see you I will come up to you and repeat every last word I've said and I do know her conditions she puts it on facebook enough

  17. You are aware even freedom of speech has its limits. While you may think you are doing a good thing, you clearly are not. You are cause long distress to this family and are now starting to muddy your own water. You say she's clearly attention seeking, but isn't this what your doing to an audience of one. Sounds like your feeding your own ego. Ok you say you have a simaller disability to miss Scott (but only you say). You say you know so much about her (but yet again, you say). I find you very rude and insensitive. I'm in constant pain but I may not shout to the roof tops about it, I won't create some sort of twisted contest. I think you've said your opinion but don't stop anyone finding holes in your opinion and carrying it on.


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