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Stephen Joseph Theatre Introduces Open Captioned Film Screenings

The Big Short, showing at the SJT on 8 and 9 April, with an open captioned screening at 5pm on 9 April

The Stephen Joseph Theatre has introduced screenings of films with open captions for the deaf and hard of hearing in the McCarthy cinema.

The first films to have open captions are The Revenant (5pm screening on Saturday 26 March); Spotlight (7.45pm, Wednesday 30 March); Trumbo (5pm, Saturday 2 April); Goosebumps (2.45pm, Monday 4 April); The Big Short (5pm, Saturday 9 April), and Room (7.45pm, Wednesday 13 April).

Open captions contain readable text on the cinema screen for the hard of hearing and deaf, including the dialogue, and descriptions of sound effects and music.

Open captions are different to subtitles, which are almost exclusively used for dialogue, and typically employed to translate foreign language dialogue into the viewers’ native language. Open captions also describe when something is sung, rather than spoken; when significant music is happening (often with lyrics provided); significant sound effects (such as a phone ringing), and who is speaking for off-screen dialogue.

Open captions are also different to closed captions in that everyone in the audience can see the captions; closed captions are only visible to those with a special device, such as a small LED display on a support arm that fits on the back of the seat in front.

Open captions provide ease of viewing for people who are deaf, hard of hearing or hearing impaired, senior citizens, children learning to read, people for whom English is a second language.

They also promote a deaf-friendly atmosphere where deaf people and hearing friends and family can socialise and enjoy movies together.

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