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Alpamare Water Park Scarborough FAQs: Everything You Need to Know

Alpamare Water Park Scarborough

Alpamare Water Park is an alpine themed water park in Scarborough on the Yorkshire coast.

The attraction, which features four thrilling water rides said to be 'some of the best rides in the world', is expected to attract half a million visitors a year.

Where is it?

Alpamare Water Park Scarborough is located on Burniston Road in Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

Alpamare Water Park Scarborough
Burniston Road
North Yorkshire
YO12 6QQ

When is Scarborough Water Park open?

The park is due to open in July 2016

Opening times:
Mon-Sat: 10:00 - 22:00
Sun: 10:00 - 21:00

How much are Scarborough Water Park tickets?

Adult ticket: £19
Child (aged 6-15): ticket £15
Children (under 5): Free
Family ticket: £60 (2 adults and 2 paying children)

There are also plans to introduce off-season pricing.
Special offers and deals are also be available.

What attractions and rides are at Scarborough Water Park tickets?

The slides

The slides, all different, are up to 120 metres long and will cater for four-person inflatables, double inflatables and racing mats. 35,000 litres of water per minute will be pumped through the slides, which are built to optimise speed, to ensure a thrilling ride experience. All the slides have been named based on an alpine skiing theme and have been constructed by internationally renowned water slide manufacturer and water park planner, ProSlide.

The ‘Black Run’ will be the steepest and fastest slide with a drop of 11 metres for guaranteed thrills. The ‘Cresta Run’ will be based on the world famous Cresta run in St Moritz, which will see riders propelled down the equivalent of a black ski run, head first, on a racing mat. At more than 116 metres long, the family friendly ‘Olympic Run’ will be the longest of the four slides for a guaranteed fun filled shared ride on a double inflatable.

Signature ride ‘Snow storm’ will be a must for an adrenalin fuelled group experience. Pumping 20,900 litres of water per minute, four person inflatables will hurtle riders down more than 14 metres of twists and turns into the pool below.

Other attractions

The attraction will also boast 480sqm indoor wave pool, luxury spa suite for the ultimate in spa experiences, 200sqm outdoor family pool, 170sqm outdoor iodine infinity pool - a pool heated to 36°c with massage jets to help enhance health and well-being, restaurant, terrace and landscaped gardens with sunbeds and luxury ‘day cottages’ (Spa and Luxury day cottages to be opened later in the season).

Want to know something else about Alpamare Scarborough? Leave a comment below and we'll do our best to find out.

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  1. I have a son who is disabled but would love to go down the rides. How accessible are they to get to? Are they accessed by steps? Are there poolside disabled changing areas? How accessible will the whole area be? Will there be reduced rates for disabled/Carers? Thank you

    1. I have just got back from a meeting with Alpamare, the rides will not be accessible to people who are disabled, however all of the other facilities will be available. There're no plans to offer carers/disabled discounts as of yet, but this may change in the off-season. Overall, the plans look great. I know there has been some controversey about ticket prices, but it only works out a little bit more expensive than a family ticket to the Sea Life Centre! I think a lot of people have forgot that.
      It will bring a lot more people to the town, and on a personal level, that can only be a good thing

  2. how long do we get in pool? and can we use all spa facilitys

    1. 4 crappy hours. This place has bad management from top to bottom

  3. Locals wont pay these ridiculous prices. This will go bust and be council owned before long..

  4. No disabled discount. Even Sandcastle Blackpool charges half for Disabled people and carers this is disciminatory.

    1. I don't see how this is discrimination just because they don't offer a disabled discount. Yes it is a gesture of good will if they do, but its not compulsory. The park is fully accessible for disabled as stated in their accessibility policy......And before anyone comments about understanding disability etc etc, I have a severely disabled stepson (whom I will be taking to the Water park and paying full price for)

  5. I want to know if it allowed to bring your own packed lunch, I went yesterday and the prices in the restaurant are ridiculously high, as I plan to visit tomorrow with my family tomorrow (I went for a friends birthday yesterday). As there are 6 of us going tomorrow we do not wish to pay £7 odd each for food.

    1. Did you find this out? Or get an answer to this question?

    2. Did you find this out? Or get an answer to this question?

  6. can you cater for bus trips of 300-350 adults and kids

  7. If you ring In advance and let Alpamare know that you plan on coming for a certain date this won't be a problem. The capacity of the pool is 1000 so 300-350 should be no problem at all. the company likes to know of any large groups and there may be a discount in it for you too.

  8. how old do kids have to be to get in without an adult


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